Outer Rotor BLDC Motor

Finova’s Outer Rotor Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, based on Permanent Magnet technology, redefine technological superiority with a unique advantage. Unlike traditional inner rotor motors, the outer rotor motor is positioned on the outer circumference, optimizing torque and power density.


Finova introduces a transformative design by adopting a centerless (Hubless) configuration, enhancing the outer rotor motor’s performance through efficient heat dissipation. This unique approach eliminates heat generated in the stator and rotor, providing a significant advantage over inner rotor counterparts. Leveraging natural convection, Finova’s centerless outer rotor design ensures superior cooling, allowing the motor to operate at optimal temperatures for extended periods.


This innovation contributes to increased overall motor efficiency, longevity, and reliability, making it particularly advantageous in applications where size and weight are critical factors, such as electric vehicles and satellites. Finova’s Outer Rotor PM BLDC motors stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, providing a distinctive edge in EVs and Satellites. These motors are incorporated in EVS as In-Wheel Motors and as Centres less Motor in Satellites altitude control devices like Reaction Wheels and Control Momentum Gyroscopes (CMG).

In-Wheel Motor for EVs

The hubless in-wheel motor technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the EVs landscape, seamlessly integrating the motor directly into the wheel. This design eliminates the need for a centralized drivetrain, contributing to a sleek and compact vehicle profile. The elimination of mechanical transmissions and drivetrains reduces energy losses, increasing EVS range and enhance maneuverability.


Finova’s hubless in-wheel motor stands as a pinnacle of cutting-edge engineering, strategically placed around the wheel’s outer circumference. This revolutionary centerless (hubless) design not only elevates motor performance but also excels in efficient heat dissipation, eliminating heat generated in the stator and rotor, and extend the high performance.
The direct integration of the motor into the wheel contributes substantially to increased angular acceleration, enhancing vehicle responsiveness and maneuverability. Additionally, the removal of material from the center significantly reduces weight and unsprung mass, culminating in an enhanced driving performance. This dynamic feature introduces a new dimension to the driving experience, proving particularly advantageous across diverse driving conditions. Furthermore, the compact hubless design substantially boosts power density, maximizing power output within a confined space and enhancing overall performance capabilities.
Moreover, the direct integration of the motor with the wheel creates additional space within the vehicle, accommodating extra batteries for increased range or storage. In comparison, the mid-drive motor, centrally positioned within the frame and connected directly to the drivetrain, faces limitations to accomate larger battery.
Aesthetically, Finova’s hubless in-wheel motor adds an elegant touch, coupled with increased maneuverability, ushering in high performance and contributing to a futuristic and sophisticated look for electric vehicles. It surpasses conventional black-covered hub motors in terms of both elegance and futuristic appeal.

Centreless Motor for Satellites

Embarking on the frontier of satellite, our revolutionary technology introduces the use of centerless outer rotor motors, pushing the boundaries of Control Moment Gyroscopes (CMG) and Reaction Wheels (RW) systems. In this groundbreaking design, the motor operates without a central hub, providing unparalleled advantages that redefine the standards for efficiency and performance in the demanding environment of space.

The existing challenges in Reaction Wheel (RW) and Control Momentum Gyroscope (CMG) systems revolve around the constraints of motor size, weight, and performance. Finova Motors introduces a groundbreaking solution with centerless outer rotor motors designed specifically for satellite altitude control devices, deviating from conventional motor configurations.

As the demand for miniaturization in satellite technology intensifies, the motors face the intricate task of balancing compactness with ample torque. Unlike traditional designs, Finova’s Centerless Motor, free from a central hub, optimizes space utilization within the device. RW and CMG systems equipped with Finova’s innovation occupy minimal space in the satellite, creating room for essential payloads and effectively reducing overall satellite costs.

Weight, a critical consideration in space applications, becomes a pivotal focus. The motors within RW and CMG systems must maintain a delicate balance between lightweight construction and robust performance. Finova’s innovative configuration, achieved by eliminating the central hub, substantially reduces mass, enhancing overall device efficiency and providing a crucial boost to the satellite’s thrust-to-weight ratio.

This technological leap introduces advanced thermal management capabilities, effectively addressing extreme temperature variations. The higher slot pole combination enhances precision and stability during satellite maneuvers, minimizing vibrations. In essence, Finova’s centerless motors redefine optimal performance in terms of speed, accuracy, and reliability within the designated size and weight parameters for RW and CMG systems in satellites.